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It is always an adventure to bring together a bunch of people with varied language skills. We went to lunch at my host family's house in Grenoble today and brought together during the course of the afternoon my parents and grandmother, who speak no French, Jean-Pierre and his mother, who speak no English, and varying levels of biligualism from Bon Papa, Gaëlle, Denis, Françoise, Sophie and me. Bon Papa - to my surprise - knows enough English to as where my family was from and to sortir d'autres phrases throughout the day as needed. Gaëlle prefers Spanish to English. Denis prefers making fun of his mother's English to speaking it himself. Françoise se debrouille très bien en anglais, which is a good thing because the two heavyweights - who should have been translating for the benefit of all the others - were wandering off and having their own conversations in French. Shame!

srah - Saturday, 22 February 2003 - 1:31 PM
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