I dreamt I was at the emergency room and I couldn't get to the desk because there was a gaggle of rednecks trying to hand in job applications. One of them asked me to babysit for her kid, although I thought at first that she wanted me to babysit for her husband. I refused, but then I met the kid, who was fourteen and very serious and mature. I liked him, so I took the job.

One day when I was babysitting him, we went to a mall that was inside of Valéry Larbaud and full of optician's shops. We ran into Latrina, who was upset because I never email her to tell her what's going on in my life. I told her I was working in France and I was just home for my break. She was upset because she thought the kid was my new boyfriend and no one had told her that Alex and I broke up.

Next part I remember, I was taking a picture of Celine, Aline, Sebastien and Cheryl in front of a yard full of snakes, including pythons, cobras, and all kinds of awful things. No one but me seemed to be terribly concerned. Cheryl kicked a snake that was short and wide and looked more like a dinosaur's head than a snake.

srah - Monday, 17 February 2003 - 1:51 AM

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