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I had a dream where I was supposed to teach the S2OLs in two groups. I was late to class to teach the first group, who I was going to force to like Dave Matthews Band. When I got there, I discovered that someone had turned on a TV and Whose Line Is It Anyway? was on and everyone - including Agnès - was glued to the screen. When it was over, some blond student in a suit - who looked like the blond bartender at Le Comptoir - had a bunch of questions. I don't remember if they were in French or English.

Then I had to go to the second group, which was full of people who didn't belong there, like Encarna (the Spanish assistant from Moulins), her French boyfriend Loîc, and Cheryl, old friend of mine and frequent blahblaher. We were all sitting and lying on a mattress and no one was saying anything, so I made them tell me what they wanted for Christmas. Philippe wanted peace on Earth and a successful year for his parents' optical shop. Cheryl said, "I want a Degous. It's a baby. But it's not. It has paint on it. I would make it drink paint." Everyone was confused and shocked by whatever Cheryl was talking about, but she didn't get a chance to explain before the plumbers woke me up.

srah - Wednesday, 12 February 2003 - 4:25 PM

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