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Creative thinking

I am planning on playing, with the THOTs, a bastardized form of Scattergories, with no specified letter for the words to begin with - just having to find words that fit into categories and getting points for finding words that are not the same answers everyone else gave. In preparation, I shall share with you my own answers.

Something that makes you happy sauerkraut
Something that is scary George W. Bush
Something that is yellow lemon pudding
Something that is very heavy a boat
Something that is found in a kitchen a flour sifter
Something that costs less than one Euro a pain au chocolat
Something that you shouldn't eat if you are on a diet a pain au chocolat
Something that can be found on a table in a restaurant elbows
Something that moves very slowly an hour hand on a clock
Something that you wear on your hands hand lotion
A state in the USA New Mexico (everyone will say Michigan... or I hope so)
Something that tastes bad burnt popcorn
A container salad bowl
Something that people take on vacation family
Something that is orange Dutch soccer jerseys
Something that lives underwater octopus
Something that makes a loud noise kettle drum
Something you can find in the sky cloud
Something you do in your free time blog
Something that won't work without electricity refrigerator
A city in the UK Birmingham
A city in the USA Birmingham, MI
Something you can do to stop a baby from crying blow raspberries at it
Something that is dangerous shark
Something that smells good Alex Patricio Rivera Quezada
Something that represents France cheese
Something that is green dollars
Something that you can buy in a bakery more pain au chocolat
Something that you do in the morning drink tea
Something that smells bad burning hair
A fruit ugli fruit
A vegetable turnip
A meat venison
A spice cumin
A seafood calamari

How about you?

srah - Monday, 10 February 2003 - 6:33 AM

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