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3x Thursday

I've never done this meme before, but the questions appealed to me.

1. What is the one country on the planet that you would like to visit but have never been to?
One? Only one? I defy you, 3x Thursday Creator! Iceland, Peru, Cambodia,
Egypt, Mexico, Bulgaria, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Kenya, Japan, Turkey, Italy,
Costa Rica, French Guyana, Morocco, Vietnam... may I continue? 2. If you had to pick another country to be born and raised in besides your native one what one would it be?
Luxembourg, Canada, or Belgium. I would like to have been raised in a multilingual
country, so I would have a head start on language aquisition. At least I
think I would. 3. What country actually really scares the hell out of you? The US of A, bien sr.

Bonus Question for comments: What do you think is the sexiest accent know to human kind?
There are many. We shall say Glaswegian, but there are many other fine
accents in Scotland and in the rest of the UK. I like Liverpudlians. A
French one can also be sexy, depending on a variety of factors which I have previously discussed. I like it when they say "cahn't".

I just realized this was the Bonus Question for comments.
Too late, I have answered it here. Must learn to read.

srah - Thursday, 13 February 2003 - 3:42 AM

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