Parlez-vous extra-terrestre?

I am excessively fascinated with the proximity of the Raelians (or the proximity of their origins, anyway). Now I find myself wondering if the people I see every day are secretly members of the cult.

According to their website, the cult gained popularity quickly in French-speaking countries, which makes complete sense to me. If aliens landed in the US and emerged from their spaceship speaking English, we would think nothing of it. It would be completely natural for them to start speaking English and if they didn't, we might tell them to pack up and get back into outer space where they belong. I can see the French, on the other hand, hearing that aliens landed and being rather uninterested until they learned that the aliens spoke perfect French. At this point, they might start listening, as these aliens were obviously the kind of civilized being that they would want to associate with.

srah - Saturday, 18 January 2003 - 2:52 PM

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