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Painting Moulins rouge

On a fait la fête hier soir chez les Moulinoises. There are seven assistantes in Moulins, the prefecture of the Allier, about 45 minutes from Vichy. They were having a party, so we piled into Johanna's car (Stefan's orange bagnole is en panne in Poitiers at the moment) and drove off to their apartment, which is in the premier lycée de France, the lucky ducks.

Food, wine, beer and coca poured in abundance, then we played a game of Mafia full of suicide, German conspiracy, and Renata and Becky refusing to kill me no matter how much I begged. Everyone was asking themselves at this point exactly how much I'd had to drink and while it's true that I'd polished off quite a few glasses, they were all full of Coke and jus d'abricot. I'm just odd like that.

After everyone had had enough of Mafia, we played a drinking game and I drank two entire glasses of white wine during the course of the game, but afterwards felt less silly than when I'd been bourrée on Coke and juice.

Suddenly we realized it was already 3am - when we'd thought it was around midnight - so we got back into the car and came back to Vichy and into bed by 4.

srah - Sunday, 26 January 2003 - 6:03 AM
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