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I have not yet decided who is the third member of this Axis of Evil

I have written before about the evil deceit of some citrus fruits, and I come before you today to warn you of another such menace: the clemenvilla.

Like the tangerine before it, the clemenvilla tries to pass itself off as a clementine and it is only the Pure of Heart and Clementine-Obsessed who can unmask this fiend!

For the clemenvilla, while not as dastardly as the dreaded tangerine with its thick skin, sour taste, and seeds, has greater weapons of disguise than its comrade in crime. It is only slightly larger than the average clementine and to my eyes, the only way to be sure is to remember to check the sign in the supermarket.

And this must be done, citizens. We must continue our vigilance and must not give in to this thick-membraned, chewy, flavorless impostor, even if Casino's clemenvillas are attractive and orange and the clementines are a bit spotty. This is all a part of their evil plan of dominance.

Support the downtrodden and oppressed clementine!

srah - Monday, 27 January 2003 - 3:20 PM

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