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I went to bed last night, then when my alarm went off, I was surprised to hear that the gay couple next door (oh yeah, I have new neighbors. Yay.) was still arguing.

Did they keep it up all night?, I wondered. I also wondered why my alarm was beeping because I'd thought I'd a) turned it off, and b) set it to play the radio when it was turned on. I wondered all this, then it stopped, so I rolled over.

Wait a minute, I thought, It's not supposed to just turn off like that. Have the batteries died?

At which point I woke up a little more and realized it was not my alarm, but the phone ringing. I had only been asleep for half an hour.

I called the Pato back and learned that he arrived safely and I had panicked for naught. Good.

srah - Saturday, 11 January 2003 - 4:21 AM

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