Club Ciné put to the test

Tonight is the first night of Ghost World, the January film for the Club Cinéma. As it is an American film shown VOSTF, Agnès and I managed to convince the Vie Scolaire that it would be mighty educational to bring the kiddies.

Thusly the 37 or so students who board on Friday nights will be going to the movies tonight, to see a movie that Agnès and I recommended despite having never seen it. I am terribly frightened that they will hate the movie and that it will turn them off of subtitled films for the rest of their lives. Ridiculous, I know, but that doesn't make me any more confident.

On the other hand, maybe they will fall in love with it and all go out and get their Club Cinéma membership cards and decide to picket in front of the cinémas of Vichy, demanding more subtitled films.

Um, yeah right.

srah - Friday, 17 January 2003 - 8:43 AM
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