'The two kittens, ears flattened beneath the ribboned bonnets, looked both ridiculous and endearing.'

I have just been reading a neat little science-fictiony book by P.D. James. I thought that P.D. James only wrote mysteries and in fact, this one was in the mystery section, but then again so is The Bluest Eye, so I wouldn't really go by that. The Vichy Public Library's English books section is... creative.

Anyway, The Children of Men takes place in 2021, when the human race has been afflicted with sterility and hasn't reproduced itself since 1995. People have lost interest in sex and there are a lot of unstable middle-aged women who went crazy with untapped maternal instinct and push dolls around in prams and have kittens baptised. The population is aging and lonely and suicidal. Then, after 25 years of sterility, one woman gets pregnant and she and various hangers-on have to go hide in the woods to keep the Warden of England from taking advantage of her and her baby.

What I liked about the book is that the narrator keeps a diary and he keeps referring to it. I like quotes that remind me of my blog...

"He had begun the diary less as a record of his life (for whom and why? What life?) than as a regular and self-indulgent exploration, a means of makings sense of the past years, part catharsis, part comforting affirmation."

srah - Thursday, 12 December 2002 - 12:42 PM
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