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If you care, the Srah-Alex Christmas Vacation Itinerary is as follows (subject to change if transportation is difficult or funds run low):

December 24 - December 25/26 : Gap, in the Alpine part of Provence... or the Provençal part of the Alps, if you prefer. Home of my host mom's brother and his wife, and location of this year's family fête. Jokes about us going to The Gap for Christmas are not acceptable, but any mention of Minding The Gap may receive a little giggle.

December 25/26 - December 30 : Grenoble. Hopefully this will include a trip to a Real Live Big City Cinema to see Movies In English. We don't have such things in Vichy, but they're our preeeeeciousssssss and we wants 'em.

December 30 - January 2 : Paris. New Year in the City of Lights. Wooey!

January 2 - January 5 : England, to be theoretically split between London and Oxford. I'm sure I will try to speak French to everyone.

January 5 - January 10 : back to scenic Vichy for teaching for me, a Spanish class-visit for Pato, and luncheon chez Valéry Larbaud for the both of us on the 9th, at which time we will make a great effort to annoy our server by not speaking French.

srah - Sunday, 22 December 2002 - 2:54 PM

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