I've decided I don't get nearly enough search requests from people who want to learn about English assistants, or what it's like to be an English assistant, or assistante d'anglais, as I like to call myself. Neither are there searches for my masculine counterparts, the assistants d'anglais. This is the time of year when young men and women's fancy turns to applying for jobs as English assistants in France, so I have decided to pad this blog-post with excessive mentions of English assistants, English language teaching assistants in France, assistants d'anglais and the like, in an attempt to get Google to notice me. Come! Read! Share the experience! Or whatever!

While we're at it, Lyce Valry Larbaud Cusset Vichy Allier Auvergne. Come discover me.

srah - Wednesday, 18 December 2002 - 10:22 AM

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