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Grossly underqualified

Beginning next semester, I am going to be preparing the S2OLs for their oral exams at the end of the year, two by two. They will have to do what they would do for the exam and I will grade them and tell them what they have to work on.

I am concerned that I will be biased in my grading for a few reasons:

1) I am American. I don't know how well I'll be able to pay attention to grammar mistakes because as an Anglophone, when I hear English, my goal is comprehension and not listening for correct grammar.

2) I am not an optician. For all I know, they could be making everything up and anglicizing the French terms for all this optical crap.

3) I attended American schools. In France, students are graded on a 0-20 scale and spend all of their time shooting for 10s. Not even God himself could get a 20, they say. I, on the other hand, come from the Land of Nice, where we live by the law of grade inflation. On our 0-4.0 grading scale, people are constantly graduating 25th in their class with a 4.5. I can't imagine giving less than a 10/20 to someone who manages to communicate in English, but I may have to, depending on pronunciation, vocabulary, richness of ideas and grammar.

4) I am the English assistant. I spend all day with students who give me one-word answers, "ch'sais p"s, or completely ignore me when I ask them questions. To give a student an article and have them expound on it for 20 minutes straight will be a joy. 20s all around, even if you missed the point of the article and summarized the whole thing in the present tense!

srah - Friday, 13 December 2002 - 3:27 AM

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