I had a horrible dream last night where I went to a fair full of rednecks. Someone set off an illegal firework next to the parade route, which rather than going up into the air, flew across the fairgrounds and hit someone. An ambulance took off at top speed across the bumpy field, but then it too got hit by a firework. The ambulance driver jumped out of the burning truck, put a missile launcher on his shoulder, and shot at the guy who was setting off the fireworks. He missed and the missile went towards a shed.

As the missile was flying through the air, the canvas covering one wall of the shed was lifted and we discovered that the shed was full of fireworks as well. My dad and I started running, but there was nowhere to hide. We knew that when the missile hit, it would bring about the end of the world.

We went to hide behind the burning ambulance, but there was a fenced-in area full of dead bodies there. My dad thought it would be safe there, but the bodies turned out to be live, and a bunch of murderers who had been locked up behind the fence. I woke up crying because I'd been begging the murderers not to kill my dad because we were all going to die anyway and then they wouldn't go to heaven.

srah - Tuesday, 3 December 2002 - 12:30 PM

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