Contented assistante

Here we are at the end of my week, Thursday afternoon. It has been a marked improvement over last week. Part of this is that the students are - for some mysterious reason - behaving better than they did last week. They have been paying better attention and there has been less in common than usual between my stories about my students and Jennifer's about her eight-year-olds.

But I think another important part is that I have realized that I need to chill out and communicate with the other teachers. Sometimes if a student doesn't want to learn, I need to talk to the other teachers and see if they have the same problem with the student and what they do about it. Sometimes people just don't want to learn and there isn't much you can do. Other times, you just have to find a topic that interests them. I feel much more relaxed this week and I barely even wanted to yell at the student I usually want to hit.

Du calme, ma petite. Sois Zen.

srah - Thursday, 5 December 2002 - 10:54 AM

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