Benoît-Sébastien-François, meet Hélène-Lætitia-Gaëlle

The French like their hyphenated names. Marie-Pierre is a girl's name, whereas Pierre-Marie and Jean-Marie are boys. I think a good hyphenated name for my offspring would be Jérôme-Loïc. The American system already can't handle all those accents, but they do all kinds of funny things to hyphenated first names as well. I like to cause as much confusion as possible.

Speaking of names, I think Nadège is a cool one. I've heard it, but I've never actually met anyone with that name. I wonder if young girls named Nadège are often called Petit 'Dège or if I am terribly clever for having thought of it. I vote for the second one, but I bet it's the first and that if I said it to anyone named Nadège, that they would give the exasperated sigh of someone who's heard that joke all their life.

srah - Tuesday, 3 December 2002 - 3:10 PM

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