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You will sell me the best baguette in the shop...

Other bakery employees are falling under my spell. It was very busy tonight when I went to buy my baguette and the two salespeople finished with their customers at the same time and both turned to me. I asked the girl for a baguette and she and the boy both went to get it and playfully pushed each other in an attempt to get there first. Luckily it happened that the monsieur behind me in line wanted one too. Mwah ha ha.

It probably has more to do with intra-boulangerie sexual tension being worked out than with a particular desire to serve me, but I have chosen to be flattered. Recognizing my "usual", then fighting to give it to me. It's fun to be a regular.

srah - Sunday, 3 November 2002 - 12:09 PM

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