Look out, Martha Stewart

In all my whinging about how I don't know how to cook (I really don't - I had to call my mom for help with hard-boiled and scrambled eggs), I forgot that there is one thing I know how to do, thanks to Baldwin: stir-fry.

So I went out and bought veggies and sauces and spices, and have come to one certain conclusion: I am - to paraphrase Ana Gasteyer as Celine Dion - the best cook... in the whole world!

No, seriously, I am very happy to have put in all of the chopping and frying effort and to have come up with something I was proud of. I decided I wanted to use curry, so I went around the kitchen alternately sniffing the curry and my other spices and sauces and often cringing, but I ended up using onion, curry, chickpeas, mushrooms, soy sauce, lemon juice, a bit of vinegar, carrots, and green peppers. I highly recommend the curry-lemon juice combination.

srah - Friday, 1 November 2002 - 4:24 AM
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