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I Know What You Did Several Summers Ago

The teachers have access to two photocopiers and one risograph. Whatever a risograph is. It seems like a photocopier to me, except that you can only copy sheets of paper and not books and things. We are only supposed to use the risograph when we need 30+ copies.

One of the photocopiers is en panne at the moment, so we're down to one. With all the humidity in the air, it is impossible to get more than 5 copies at a time from this one, because the paper sticks together and jams. So into the photocopier I go, while everyone else seems to just abandon their plans and leave the copier flashing SERRAGE. Once again, I seem to be regarded as a techno-whiz.

I keep wanting to tell people I know all about photocopier paper jams because I spent several summers as a photocopieuse, but I hesitate because I suspect that would mean that I was an actual Xerox machine. So I just smile and pick crumpled sheets out of the innards.

srah - Tuesday, 26 November 2002 - 3:19 AM

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