"How do you know he is a Gustav?" "'E looks like one!"

I have a serious problem with people who are not named Gustav.

When I was in Grenoble, there was a Swede in my class named Gustav, who was very pale and blue-eyed with white-blond hair.

When I met this year's French assistant at Albion, I kept wanting to call him Gustav as well, because in addition to his fair hair and blue eyes, his name is Gauthier. Gustav, Gauthier. Close enough.

Now I have a student with a Scandinavian last name and pale hair and blue eyes, but who insists on being called Guillaume rather than Gustav.

What is with this barrage of G-named blond people? I suspect that they're all Gustavs in disguise, calling themselves by other similar names just to confuse me.

srah - Saturday, 23 November 2002 - 7:23 AM
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