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Hi, not dead here

... but the Internet is, at the lycée Valéry Larbaud anyway. There was a blackout and when the power came back, the Internet didn't. I'm blogging away on paper and in Notepad while waiting for it to come back, but they say it might be a week. Then I will pre-date my blog posts and this one will be lost in the middle somewhere and you will all be confused and hate me forever.

Meanwhile, this weekend I am in Le May sur Evre (between Angers and Nantes), visiting Antoine, our former French assistant from Albion, who has kindly allowed me Internet access to let the world know where I am. He has also allowed me to eat a lot of chocolate and pastries, as the family lives right over the patisserie/chocolaterie that they own.

I am here in a chocolate wonderland and you are not. Nyah nyah.

See you when the Internet comes back to life!

srah - Friday, 15 November 2002 - 5:51 AM

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