As if I don't freak out enough

I was stressing out as the train got closer and closer to Angers. Every time I'd called Antoine's cell phone, it had gone directly to the voice mail, which suggested to me that it was not on. I had left him a voice mail to tell him what day/time I was arriving and I had visions of arriving at the station and trying to find a patisserie in Le May sur Evre in a taxi. I had left his landline number at home so that wasn't an option unless I could find a phone book when I arrived. So I spent the four hours in the train in turmoil, brewing over my various sources of stress, of which this was the primary one at the moment.

Luckily, Antoine had found it odd that I hadn't called and had called his friend David who had his cell phone while Antoine was in Mexico. David couldn't check the messages because the battery was dead, so Antoine had to call his cell phone provider and find out how to listen to the messages through his landline. He discovered at 8:30 that I was arriving at 9:15 - just in time to make the 45-minute drive from Le May to Angers!

So I was very very happy to see Antoine sur le quai when I arrived and he was very happy to have made it on time.

And now I am happy because Antoine lives in a chocolate wonderland.

srah - Thursday, 14 November 2002 - 3:29 PM

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