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When in Cusset, do as the Romains do

I actually get to observe a class! I am sitting in on the first-year BTS Optique class, trying to learn names and faces. One of the faces is called Romain, just like three of the students in the Terminale BEP Ventes class I had at 9:00.

I found Danièle at 9:00 and she sent me to another room with half of the class, the Groupe N° 1. Luckily I had come up with a list of questions to ask in case I was abandoned with a group of students and had nothing prepared. Which I was.

I had two students who wanted to answer all of the questions, one falling asleep, several who would answer if directly asked, and two who I suspected all hour were making fun of me. I got a bit scared at the end that I would run out of questions, but I got sidetracked on teaching the English names for astrological signs and managed to last until the end.

I had never even met anyone named Romain, but that group alone had three, plus two Pierres! As long as they don't move, I may be able to remember some names. But I'm sure the classes I have at the end of the week won't be so lucky.

srah - Monday, 14 October 2002 - 11:01 AM

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