Vichy in the dark


That said, there isn't much else to do around here. Tuesday night I saw Le Pianiste with Agnès and Sigrid and last night I was La Memoire dans la peau with Renata and Rachel.

Le Pianiste was good, in a touching-war-movie sort of way. True stories often seem more fake to me than fiction does and there were a lot of violent scenes with people getting shot in the head. But I suppose it did add something to the genre and it was rather beautiful with the music and all, so I enjoyed it. There were times, however, when I found myself reading the characters' lips and getting sidetracked by trying to figure out what they were saying in the original English language track.

La Memoire dans la peau was better than I expected. There was a lot of fighting and action, but there was a lot of travelling, so there was some nice European scenery. During the car chase in Paris, I found myself more concerned for the other drivers than for Bourne. I didn't want him to accidentally kill French people.

srah - Thursday, 10 October 2002 - 5:40 AM
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