The Laughing Americans

Renata, Jennifer and I went out last night. First we roamed the streets for a while, trying to find somewhere new to go. We didn't find anything open because, after all, it was Saturday night. So we ended up back at Le Comptoir, where we always end up when we can't find anywhere else to go.

Conversation, as usual, turned to Reasons Why We Are Going To Be Deported and Dressing The Boys In Women's Clothing, which both led to hysterical laughter. We will soon be known all over Vichy as the girls who sit down, order one drink, and spend hours speaking English and laughing loudly and hysterically.

Reasons We Are Going To Be Deported began when we went to the crêperie and, after hours of deliberation, Renata only ordered a tea. We decided that the crêperie would start a campaign to have her banned from all fo the restaurants in Vichy and eventually deported. Now every time we do something ridiculously American, or anything to annoy waitstaff, we suspect that the Deportation Police are after us.

In Dressing The Boys In Women's Clothing, The Boys refers to Renata's housemates. She lives in an apartment at her lycée with the German and Spanish assistants - a sort of cross between an auberge espagnole and Three's Company. The Boys don't know it yet, but whenever the topic of Halloween (or St Patrick's Day, or April Fool's Day, or Arbor Day...) comes up, we try to come up with ways to get dresses on them.

We retired to Renata's apartment, where I got to meet the elusive Stefan and imagine him in a skirt, and giggled we hysterically well into the night.

srah - Sunday, 27 October 2002 - 4:15 AM

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