The Book-Monster Strikes Again

I am reading American Rigolos, which Agnès lent me. It's the French translation of a British book about America, written by an American. Bill Bryson worked in England for twenty years before going back to the US and bringing his British family with him. So, while he sounds American and all, he has trouble adjusting to the culture he knew a long time ago. He wrote this series of articles for a newspaper back in England, and they were published as Notes from a Big Country (in the UK) and I'm A Stranger Here Myself (in the US).

The strange thing about reading it translated into French is that, like in dubbed American movies, I find myself getting distracted from the actual content by concentrating on the translation and wondering how things were originally phrased in English. We are such a language nerd.

srah - Tuesday, 22 October 2002 - 1:55 AM
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