Prima nocta (4.10.02)

Or whatever.

I met with Mmes. Alléas and Messana, the outgoing concierge and incoming owner, respectively, of the building I'm living in, yesterday afternoon. Mme. Messana is still in the process of buying it, and the process is going longer than originally expected. We signed a new contract, since the one we'd signed before had the wrong address on it, which has led to no end of ennuis for me personally, since I gave the wrong address out to everyone I know and had to knock on the very scary, beware-of-dog-marked door of 35, avenue Paul Doumer, and try to explain to them what had happened and ask if they had received any of my mail.

Anyway, the mesdames filled out all kinds of forms and contracts and receipts and dated everything rather creatively so as to get me the best deal, tax- and refund-wise. They're very entertaining, even if Mme. Alléas kept repeating how lucky I was because if she'd known the deal wouldn't go through right away, she wouldn't have taken me on because she was tired of renters, and especially students, etc.

The big event, in my mind, anyway, was when Mme. Alléas went to show me the refrigerator and the handle came off in her hand. I was very glad it was her, and not me as soon as she left. They tell me Xavier (Mme Messana's son) will bring me another frigo from another one of the empty apparts soon.

So I paid, they gave me the keys, and they left. Srah was all alone.

It was very strange to be in this new, empty place all by myself. I moved my stuff over from Agnès' place in about an hour, then went grocery shopping. I am going to save the receipt from my first Big Girl Shopping Experience because I am a Big Nerd.

I went to dinner chez Agnès, visited Jennifer and Renata for a moment, then went back to my studio.

It will take some getting used to, and I will have to get into a routine before I really feel comfortable. I kept waking up in the middle of the night because I was worried that my alarm wouldn't be loud enough. But eventually I'll get settled in. Come and visit! I only know how to make soup and pasta, but there's seating for three, placemats for two, and silverware for five chez srah!

srah - Saturday, 5 October 2002 - 12:37 PM

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