Persuasion... to invite the loser

I love Jane Austen. I love Persuasion. I love sitting at home all by myself on the first day of vacation and reading Persua... wait, no.

In the cafeteria the other day, Agnès and I sat with some of the Optics students and Agnès asked them if they were having any parties to celebrate the half-term. One of them said that they were going to to something and Agnès said that they should invite me. I just sat there like the loser that I am, who has to be pushed on people because she has no friends of her own. But I tried to be positive and think they did want me, because some of them had mentioned before that I should go out with them "some time". So I gave me phone number to Aurélie at the end of class on Monday.

Now it is Wednesday, the day of la fête, and I have heard nothing. I haven't completely given up hope, but I did go out to buy bread before the boulangerie closed, which I had put off in hopes of being invited out for crêpes instead.

Maybe they'll still call. Maybe I wrote my number wrong. Maybe she lost it. Maybe the soirée crêpes was cancelled and they forgot to tell me.

Or maybe they just don't want me. I'm lonely.

srah - Wednesday, 23 October 2002 - 12:53 PM
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