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Last night I went out with the other Srah and her fellow Boston University program participants. First, we went to see L'Auberge espagnole, which I recommend highly to anyone who anyone who has studied, is studying, or will study abroad. It's a very accurate portrayal of the situation. It takes place in Barcelona, with students from all over Europe studying there as part of the Erasmus program (a European university exchange program).

After the movie, we went to Les Trois Canards, a very crowded bar downtown. I got rather tipsy (to the point where if I turned my head, it took a while for my vision to catch up) from one kir, then we wandered around for a while, looking for Club Vertigo. We finally gave up and went home to sleep (yay).

srah - Saturday, 21 September 2002 - 6:27 AM
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