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Best school ever

My lycée sent me a packet with a big picture of the school on the front. It looks very lovely. It was only built in 1997. Inside, the packet has details about each of the fields of study (it's all Greek to me - I can't tell the difference between a BEP carrières sanitaires et sociales and a BAC sciences médico-sociales) and, more importantly, leads on accomodations. So I should be pretty set by the time I get there. Now all I have to worry about it how to lug my millions of pairs of shoes (that's what's going to weigh down the suitcase) all over France. Glorious.

The other day, one of the English teachers emailed me and mentioned that she'd visited my site and that they'd have to recruit me to use my web-skills, too. As Mr Burns would say, eeeeexcellennnnnnnt. I hope they would pay me extra. That would probably look good on, say, a graduate school application.

srah - Tuesday, 17 September 2002 - 9:50 AM
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