A la chasse (28.9.02)

Today I was wasting time before my train by wandering around the pedestrianiwed shopping area of Vichy and heard English. I hid on the other side of the postcard rack and listened, but they weren't talking anymore. I followed them down the street and I think I freaked them out by the way I was staring. I finally approached them (I wasn't going to, but I thought I should explain why I was being so creepy) and found out that they were Irish, Swedish, German, etc., that they were (for reasons I didn't ask about) staying in a castle in the middle of nowhere, and that they had come to Vichy for a visit to the Big City. I thought that was amusing because most of the vichyssois I've met leave Vichy for a taste of city-living.

srah - Sunday, 29 September 2002 - 3:01 PM

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