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Day 19: 28 June 2002 - "Mousey Tongue, Prince of Tuna"

We went to Alex's aunt and uncle's house today. It is Alex's father's oldest sister and he is 5th of 13, so there is quite a large age gap between the cousins in the family. I met tía Tina's oldest daughter, Alex's cousin, who was showing us pictures of her grandchildren. On the other end, Alex also has first cousins that are around five!

Alex goes to his aunt and uncle's house every Saturday to talk about Big Important Issues and How They Will Change The World. It's a very lofty ambition and I quite enjoyed it, because the language used for talking about Changing The World with your uncle is quite a bit more formal and easy to understand than the language used for talking about That Thing We Did Five Years Ago with an old friend.

Also, there was pie. If you are an American, have you ever been abroad and noticed that people make you a lot of apple pie? Four years ago, when I stayed with a host family for a few days during our freshman seminar trip to France, they made me a "traditional American apple pie", which was actually a tarte aux pommes. Tía Tina didn't mention any such American stereotype, but somehow it seems like I am always offered apple pie and get to taste the world's varieties thereof. This one had gouda (GOW-dah in Chile, GOO-dah in the US, but I always pronounce it [k]HOW-da, like everyone's favorite Flamande) on top, as I remember. Mmm.

We went home for lunch, where we had locos, bought at the seaside the day before on our otherwise fruitless voyage to Pan de Azucar. Apparently, locos are a variation of or a cousin to the abalone. Mmmkay. And apparently they have a texture similar to that of pulpo, octopus. Mmmkay. Not too familiar with either of those, sorry. It was very ugly to look at, but rather tasty with a bit of mayonnaise on it.

After lunch, Alex went digging through the videos and scrounged up some old home videos, including one with an early birthday (8th?) and the 11-year-old Alex singing in the school choir and acting in plays. My favorite part was when someone had accidentally taped a soccer game over every part in the play where Alex was about to speak. It was like Amélie's revenge, except backwards. Every time Alex came upstage, it would cut into the soccer game, play that for a few minutes, and go back to the play. Hee hee.

In the evening, we decided that we were homebodies and we should go out and do something. So we went to a "pub", as Alex referred to it, called La Tabla. We took a rather frightening collectivo there - I was concerned that it was going to fall apart before we made it. When we got there, we found that they served drinks, but also a lot of things to nibble on, and it looked more like a restaurant than a pub. I had a piña colada (something recognizable on the menu!), Alex had something Chilean-sounding, and we shared some shish kebabs and empanaditas. Ho hum, srah and alcohol. Alex was a bit tipsy, but I was just fine because, as usual, I couldn't drink the whole thing. I gave it a shot, but after a while I was tired and my taste buds, which hadn't really noticed it at first, became revolted by the alcohol.

srah - Friday, 28 June 2002 - 8:40 AM
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