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Lost, in translation

I am an upstanding member of the community and would never do anything wrong. But if, theoretically, I had decided well into the season that I wanted to see the deserted-island drama Lost and had downloaded or was currently downloading the first eleven episodes, then what follows is what I would think of the episodes that I had seen (but of course, you understand, it's completely hypothetical because I would never ever download TV shows from the Internet): Alfie and I were watching episode 3 today and noticed that the supervising producer is Javier Grillo-Marxuach. I love it when his...

srah - Thursday, 23 December 2004 - 6:35 PM
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The word is trouvé

Renata, a correspondance is called a connection or a connecting flight in English. Someday we will master English again....

srah - Monday, 5 May 2003 - 7:05 AM
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Wo bu chi fromage

We went out to se taper une fondue tonight in Grenoble, and have something typically regional and alpine. We went to the Restaurant des Montagnes and ordered our first course before a group of eight Chinese peple came and were seated at the table next to ours. It was evident rather quickly that none of them spoke French, so my mom encouraged me to help them out, as they did speak English. My mom, like Alex, is someone who helps people in trouble. I admire it, but I'm not like them. I'm more likely to just watch, knowing that I...

srah - Friday, 21 February 2003 - 4:25 PM
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More fun with translation services

If you translate my blog from French to English, you will discover that Jennifer always has good drunk stop stories. Weird things happen to her At the drunk stop. Another good one is Andrés: (in Spanish) You' D better watch it, but I' ll cuts to find has new girlfriend. Srah: Ahhhh! That should not be said! You will begin rumours! Never mind, I'm amusing myself anyway....

srah - Tuesday, 11 February 2003 - 8:48 AM
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I love online translation systems

Would you be interested in translating my blog into really bad French? Just for your information, Je suis Sarah, connu sous le nom de srah. Je suis le Michigan, Etats-Unis, mais je travaille en tant qu'aide anglais dans Vichy, France cette année, et dépends fortement de parler (et de blogging) dans les franglais . Si vous ne comprenez pas un mot ou une expression, l'essai mousing-au-dessus de, et la traduction en anglais devraient sauter vers le haut. and also Soy Sarah, conocido como srah. Soy de Michigan, los E.E.U.U., pero estoy trabajando como ayudante inglesa en Vichy, Francia este año,...

srah - Tuesday, 11 February 2003 - 8:39 AM
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And in English... While mixing the salad, I heard the telephone ringing. I dropped the salad bowl and ran quickly to the living room, where I found it was only the TV and the phone wasn't really ringing. I swore a little and went back to the kitchen, where I found an elephant eating my salad. I scolded him and asked him politely to leave my apartment. He refused and continued to eat my salad and step on my kitchen chairs. I was drowning! I was drowning in a sea of orange. Then someone hit me on the back and...

srah - Wednesday, 24 April 2002 - 4:58 PM
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