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(This from the would-be fashionista in shoes from Target)

Dear Boy I Passed On the Sidewalk After Work Today, There is no excuse for wearing white socks with a dark suit. I can only think of one situation in which it is acceptable to wear white socks with a dark suit, and that is if it is HALLOWEEN and you are dressed as one of the BLUES BROTHERS. But as it is May and you were wearing a blue shirt and I didn't see E-L-W-O-O-D written across your fingers, I am assuming this is not the case. If you do not have any dark-colored socks that match, you should...

srah - Thursday, 4 May 2006 - 5:58 PM
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It's like sock hop, but it's not!

I love The Internet. I love that I can just shout things out into the void that people can read or not read and care about or not care about. And so, dear Internet, on that note I would like to share with you the fact that I bought the coolest pair of socks evar for ONE DOLLAR last week but they really have to be worn with a skirt and am hoping to have the opportunity to do so tomorrow, as the weather is supposed to be a) a few degrees above freezing and b) only partly cloudy. It's...

srah - Wednesday, 16 March 2005 - 1:05 AM
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All gussied up in Christmas presents

"Over the knee" socks + short srah = thigh-high socks. 'Tis very strange-feeling. Nine West calls the color of these socks "dusk oregano." Where do they come up with this stuff? Is oregano a different color at dusk?...

srah - Wednesday, 29 December 2004 - 11:44 AM
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Travel fashion tips

Note to self: When you are going to spend the day travelling on airplanes and removing your shoes for security checks, do not wear white socks with ducks on them. Duh. Everyone knows, the blue socks with ducks on them woudl have been a much more appropriate choice, because they don't show the dirt as much....

srah - Sunday, 6 June 2004 - 8:02 PM
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I feel pretty... oh so pretty...

I went shopping with the Urstodian today. She needed to go to Target, so I took her, intending to be only the chauffeur. Ursula needed socks, so we went to the sock section. She immediately picked up some socks. I, on the other hand, pored over the hosiery selection and oohed and ahhed over socks and tights and things. I ended up picking up a pair of pink "modal" knee socks. What is a "modal" knee sock? What is modal about knee socks? I have no idea. Why would I need pink socks if I don't have pink clothing? I...

srah - Monday, 5 April 2004 - 12:35 AM
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Las collecciones

When I was in Chile, Alex's mom asked me if I collected anything. I couldn't come up with anything at the time, but now I have: I collect socks. I don't do it on purpose. I just love to buy socks with fun and interesting designs on them. Sock-choosing was one of the more difficult elements of the packing process because I love them all. And the wide array of socks I was choosing from was... atrocious, really. I have way too many socks!...

srah - Friday, 20 September 2002 - 6:36 AM

My grey argyle socks are soft...

My grey argyle socks are soft. And argyle. And while we're at it, they are grey. I wish they were clean, because I would like to wear them right now. Instead, I am wearing Eiffel Tower socks, which are fun but not quite as satisfying. Other comfort clothing I own include my hooded Michigan sweatshirt, any pair of pyjama pants (mouse-over pyjama please, IE users) and any pair of interesting socks - especially argyle. I like wearing my boots not for comfort but because I feel tall and maybe even a little sexy. What's your favorite article (or pair of...

srah - Wednesday, 23 January 2002 - 3:28 PM
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