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What's that playing on the radio?

It looks like WOMC finally read this post I made back in 2005 and bowed to my wishes. Too bad for them that I've moved to Ohio, almost exclusively listen to NPR and have developed new local radio nemeses down here. Someone come down here and get the Shrieking Woman off my pledge drives!...

srah - Wednesday, 7 November 2007 - 5:26 PM
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'Hey, 98.6, it's good to have you back again...'

Dear WJIM 97.5, Suck it. I don't know what I mean by "it," but I do strongly insist that you suck it immediately. Once upon a time, you were an oldies station - and an oldies station that played a better mix of music than WOMC, now the only oldies station within range of Ann Arbor. (You also had the advantage of not having Tom Ryan on staff, so I could listen to you during the drive-time hours without wanting to punch the radio controls.) Now you have become a cookie-cutter "Contemporary Hits" station, just like every other station on...

srah - Friday, 30 September 2005 - 4:11 PM
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My ongoing love affair with Doug

I think Doug and I have hit a rough spot. He claims to have the Most Variety In The World... EVAR, but I still hear Head Games every single day and sometimes several times in one day. Maybe I should start seeinghearing other stations, Doug. Doug has these fascinating bumpers. I like the one that says, "You can't spell 'variety' without 'Doug.' ... Oh wait, yes you can." That is my kind of humour, folks. That kind of humor and humility is one of the things that made me fall in love with Doug in the first place. But now...

srah - Saturday, 23 April 2005 - 1:13 PM
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'And the lovetrain rides from coast to coast/ DJ's the man we love the most'

I love this strange freedom that radio stations have to change formats and target demographics suddenly and without warning. You don't really see that anywhere else. Keds doesn't wake up one day and decide it's going to shift its focus from soccer moms to young urban males.* Earlier this week, WDRQ (local hip-hop/top 40 station) changed format and became Doug FM. Usually when you say a station has changed format, it really just means that they've changed their music selection and target audience. In this case, they really have changed the format of the station. Now it's basically a huge...

srah - Thursday, 7 April 2005 - 10:11 AM
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Imagine radio DJs who knew their music

I was listening to a local oldies station yesterday and the song Imagine was playing. When the song ended, the idiot DJ said something to the effect of, "What a perfect song for this Memorial Day. Imagine, imagine, imagine no... freedom. No freedom. Whoa, heavy. So remember all the men and women who died for your freedom. Because freedom is the most important thing in the world. Go USA." Okay, maybe not the "Go USA" part, but the rest was pretty much what he said. He took a great song and took a bit out of context, and mangled it...

srah - Tuesday, 27 May 2003 - 1:28 PM
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