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Hi. I uh, haven't blogged much lately. That's mostly because I'm hiding. If I don't blog at all, then you won't wonder why I'm not blogging about my novel. Which I haven't written anything in since last Friday. Ahem. I won't call myself a quitter until November 30. There's always an opportunity to pick it up again and write feverishly on the 29th!...

srah - Thursday, 10 November 2005 - 7:08 PM
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'Guess I'll be the guy who plays the part/ Of a clown with a broken heart'

I'd like to dedicate this chapter to Gary Lewis and the Playboys for inspiring me with an idea of how some pieces of my story will fit together. Unfortunately for you guys, the chapter dedicated to you sucks. There are no fascinating, cleverly written passages tonight - just lots of exposition and story-moving-along. Almost 1000 words and I'm up to 7 or 8% of my goal. Not bad, but I'm up too late....

srah - Friday, 4 November 2005 - 10:28 PM
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'Her bright young eyes shone even through the chicken grease smearing his spectacles.'

I spent too much time tonight researching what the tie that Colonel Sanders wears is called. The Intarnets tell me that it is either a string tie or a plantation tie and I don't really trust either. So because I wasted about half an hour on this research and was annoyed with myself, I decided that my professor character would be a chubby old German dude rather than a Colonel Sanders rip-off. You know, because they're so similar. To make up for it, I had two characters fall in love over a bucket of KFC. Ain't it romantic, folks? Too...

srah - Thursday, 3 November 2005 - 9:49 PM
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Why oh why didn't I give him a pith helmet?

Chapter 2 has nothing whatsoever to do with Chapter 1. I'm not even sure if they take place in the same town. But now I have four characters and have introduced Drake Ethiopia! He had people he could pay to come up with witticisms for him; he was an adventurer and adventuring was what he knew. Drake had returned from Nepal that very afternoon and was scheduled to give a speech about his climb up Mount Everest at a benefit for… He consulted the invitation in his hand. The Society of American Archivists? What the hell was an archivist, anyway?...

srah - Wednesday, 2 November 2005 - 11:11 PM
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And there followed hail and fire mingled with blood and pure mash liquor and runny clown makeup

Goal for this evening: introduce the character of Drake Ethiopia, Jungle Adventurer! Also, make obnoxious uninteresting main character into a feeble old lady with a Terrible Secret!!!!!! I think I've been taking myself too seriously. I think that this shall be a murder mystery so that I can create a million characters and kill them off at will. Taking Noor's advice, I will treat this as The Sims and be a fierce and fearsome god to my weak and pitiful characters. BEWARE, O VICTIMS OF MY WRITING WHIMS! NONE ARE SAFE FROM THE WRATH OF SRAHN! Er, srah. (I would...

srah - Wednesday, 2 November 2005 - 5:17 PM
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Sort of stream of consciousnessey

I meant to weigh myself before I moved out, so that I could determine whether living on my own would make me fat or make me waste away to even less than I already was. But I didn't. Wow. What a great story. Good thing I'm writing a novel this month, what with all my storytelling skills. Alright, folks, I'm at 813 words and I'm going to bed. There's a drunken clown baking cookies and a very very boring stupid main character and I don't know if it's a murder mystery or a romance or an adventure novel because I...

srah - Tuesday, 1 November 2005 - 9:35 PM
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I hate main characters. I only like supporting characters. Is it possible to write a novel with no main characters? I think my novel needs an evil clown, but I have no interest in writing a novel about an evil clown....

srah - Tuesday, 1 November 2005 - 5:21 PM
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It was an atramentous and truculent eventide...

Yes, as I have mentioned, NaNoWriMo is upon us. I am registered and busily cramming - I brought the No Plot? No Problem book to work today and tore voraciously through the section on what to do in the first week of writing. It sounds like I might be okay, if I ever do get around to putting anything down on paper laptop. Of course, therein lies the rub. In the past few weeks I've changed location and my behavior's changed as well. I always laughed at people who said they spent the whole day in front of the computer...

srah - Tuesday, 1 November 2005 - 12:53 PM
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Fiction fan

I haven't written any fiction since high school and this November will be full of moving, adjusting to a new job and apartment and going to conferences and weddings. Sounds like a great NaNoWriMo formula! I've been saying for years, "I'm too busy this November. I'll do it next year." I even said it when I was in Vichy, working 12 hours a week - just because I didn't own a laptop at that time. So this year, I'm actually going to take the extra step of declaring myself a NaNoWriMo contestant, reading No Plot? No Problem! and taking a...

srah - Friday, 7 October 2005 - 10:01 AM
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