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Psst! Carrots!

I rediscovered this morning a list that I made a little over a year ago for my own use. It occurred to me, upon rereading it, that others might be interested. It is equally likely, however, that you will all just laugh at me. So, at risk of great personal embarrassment, I bring you: The List of Gilbert Blythe Appearances in the First Two Anne of Green Gables Movies (Because the Third One Is an Abomination) Complete With DVD Chapter Number and Approximate Time of Appearance (This is particularly useful in Anne of Avonlea (aka Anne of Green Gables -...

srah - Wednesday, 9 January 2008 - 12:09 PM
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Monkeys' brains, while popular in Cantonese cuisine, are not often to be found... in Washington D.C.!

As you may know, I went to Maryland/DC a few weekends ago to visit Katie and Cheryl and use some of the vacation time I've been building up. Photos are here! Friday I flew to Baltimore, which makes me think of Hairspray. Katie and I had dinner and bubble tea and... I can't remember what else we did. We must have just sat around talking until midnight! Saturday On Saturday Katie and had a nice late morning (which was good for recovering from a long Friday at work and sitting near teenagers while waiting for my flight) then set off...

srah - Thursday, 16 August 2007 - 6:17 PM
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Baubles, bangles and beads

When we were in Jerusalem, one of our stops was to a diamond factory and wholesaler's. The generation divide in our group was most evident here, where all the 20- and 30-somethings browsed around and looked at the cases, got scared away by the overbearing salespeople who followed us around the room and went and sat down on the other side of the room to wait for everyone else to finish shopping and buying. None of us were particularly interested in buying diamonds or other jewelry and we certainly didn't have the budget. We weren't big jewelry people and I...

srah - Sunday, 2 April 2006 - 6:18 PM
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'Mr Blythe: no one cuter in the Maritimes!'

Holy crap. In my series of embarassing revelations about my fascination with Anne of Green Gables, I shall tell you that I have just discovered Anne & Gilbert: The Island Love Story, a musical based on Anne of Avonlea and Anne of the Island. It makes me feel like I could... I don't know... sing in a saloon? (Why is this music so catchy? I really want to hate this more than I do! Don't tell.) [via... um, ahem, L.M. Montgomery Fan Fiction]...

srah - Thursday, 30 June 2005 - 1:06 PM
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My (shameful?) escape to Prince Edward Island

Please tie your shoes, because you are going to want to sprint away as far as you can get from me and my blog. You may then wish to shower in order to cleanse yourself and perhaps to rinse out your eyes in order to recover from the horror which I am about to type: This summer, I have really gotten into reading Anne of Green Gables fan fiction. Oh my god. I actually wrote it down. In general, I find that fan fiction is rubbish. The characters do things they never would have done under the original author's power,...

srah - Friday, 17 June 2005 - 3:49 PM
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'Will I ever know/ the sweet 'hello'/ that's meant for only me?'

When Jez was here, he made fun of me when I revealed to him that at age 8, I had a huge crush on Oliver Twist in the musical Oliver!. The boy has the voice of an angel! I still have a crush on him, no matter how sick and weird that is! Which fictional characters have you had crushes on? Notice I didn't phrase that, Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?. No, I am a dork and I expect everyone else to be just as geeky as I am. So with no further ado, I...

srah - Sunday, 14 November 2004 - 3:44 PM
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Doot'n doo doo, feelin' girly

Wearing: pyjamas Eating: ice cream Watching: Pride and Prejudice I somehow end up watching at least part of Pride and Prejudice every time I'm left home alone. I may be developing a sideburn fixation or something. Now I don't know whether to go for more Jane Austen or more Colin Firth or go a completely different route in my Big Girly Video Fest....

srah - Sunday, 28 December 2003 - 4:40 PM
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Post-It®s Post-It®s everywhere, nor any drop to drink

I am so amused by most of my professors and GSIs. They seem like good people, and I'd kinda like to stick Post-It®s on their foreheads, too. I think the whole Post-It® thing is actually pretty normal - it's just that most people don't think of it in terms of yellow sticky notes. The people I've labeled as my own are what Anne Shirley would have called "kindred spirits". I suspect that I am quite fond of meeting new people. I am sad that I don't get more opportunities to meet my classmates and learn more about them, but I...

srah - Thursday, 18 September 2003 - 9:30 PM
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