The Sims Eat My Soul

I didn't play during the school year. I knew that I tend to obsess and that things would get out of control and I just didn't have the time. When I graduated, I looked forward to being able to play again, but my Simming got a little out of control a few weeks ago.

I was spending entire days in my pyjamas and staying up until all hours of the night manipulating my fake people's fake lives, and I wasn't doing anything valuable with my real life. There was a period where I suddenly realized I hadn't applied for a single job in a month. I quit cold turkey and stayed off the junk for over a week, but it didn't seem right - rather than complete abstention or complete obsession, I had to find a happy medium.

To remedy the situation, I've made a rule for myself: I can play The Sims on the weekend as long as I don't get carried away and don't shirk other responsibilities and commitments, and I can play on weekdays only after I've applied for at least one job.

So far (less than a week into this) it seems to be working okay. I've played a little, but I haven't become hypnotized yet. I haven't given in to the urge to let Juan give birth to his second alien baby or Benjamin be terrorized by the dripping ghost of the ex-girlfriend I killed in his pool or Jonkykong* age into a teenager. I'm making progress.

So now instead of sitting around the house in my pyjamas all day playing The Sims, I sit around the house in my pyjamas all day applying for jobs. This is the life, folks!

* Don't ask.

srah - Wednesday, 13 July 2005 - 1:30 PM
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Comments (10)

gravatar Jamie - July 13, 2005 - 4:49 PM -

Oh, the Sims addiction. I could write a lot about it if I wouldn't spend the time it would take me screwing my Sims up.
Since I have the College Add-On I have also learned that doing your homework is fine, but making out with your teacher works just as fine. It's insane, but I love it.

gravatar chrisusa12345 - July 13, 2005 - 5:35 PM -

sims is fun!!!!

gravatar alfie - July 13, 2005 - 6:00 PM - get class credit for making out with profs? Hmmm. My Sims won't have to spend so much time doing homework.

gravatar Sylvie - July 13, 2005 - 9:32 PM -

Didn't have the SIMS growing up so don't have a clue what the addiction is about. I do know I had found myself coming home after my internship and watching, somedays upto, 4 movies till I went to sleep. This also involved munching on unhealthy snacks. So, I joined the gym! Now, I come home too tired to eat, watch a movie or anything. I am even typing this via telepathy.

gravatar tbone - July 13, 2005 - 11:48 PM -

I love the sims. I hate the stupid university though, you can't have kids, it's boring. And they keep pressuring the kids to go to college as soon as they turn into teenagers--it really is like real life! I have also discovered that having more than one kid is totally unmanageable, again, like real life. I enjoyed your sim photos. I request a sim story album from you, i think that would be hilarious!

gravatar Pauly D - July 13, 2005 - 11:52 PM -

I have, fortunately, not gotten into it.

But what I do want to know, is why that torso has no legs, and a green baby?

gravatar srah - July 14, 2005 - 1:04 AM -

Sylvie: No one had the Sims growing up - it only came out in... what, the early 2000s? Late 90's? There's still time for you to get in on the fun!

Pauly D: The game pixellates naked people. For some reason Juan got out of the shower and carried his alien baby, Ffyxyvygl, to her birthday cake without getting dressed first.

tbone: I always forget to take pictures of momentous events in Sims' lives. Instead I go "Ha ha ha! He's carrying a baby around naked! I have to take a picture!"

gravatar srah - July 14, 2005 - 2:43 PM -

tbone: I've added a few new pictures of my Army of Monsters. :)

gravatar Cari - July 14, 2005 - 11:32 PM -

I'm scared by the number of SIMS pictures you have posted on Flickr...And now that I'm doing all this home improvement I'm paying more attention to the floors and the kitchen tiles than the actual characters. hahaha

gravatar Pauly D - July 17, 2005 - 2:37 AM -

Oh, goodie, srah.

Thanks for clearing that whole thing up.

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