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More machine than (wo)man: twisted and evil

My mom has now begun her three-month medical leave from work. With such a lengthy absence, I suggested that she tell everyone that she's leaving for surgery and that when she comes back in January, she'd like to be called Bruce.

Unfortunately, she hasn't taken me up on it and has instead correctly informed them that her surgery tomorrow is a knee replacement (something genetic that I can probably look forward to in another thirty years or so). She's no fun, really.

srah - Sunday, 26 September 2004 - 9:10 PM

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Comments (3)

gravatar alfie - September 27, 2004 - 12:38 AM -

Nice picture, Wilson.

gravatar jday - September 27, 2004 - 4:51 PM -

Ouch! Tell srahmommy that I hope she recuperates quickly (and that prescription drugs are her friends)!

gravatar srah - September 27, 2004 - 7:44 PM -

Thank you, Pfizer Spokesperson!

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