Dopey und mopey und sniffly

Lack of sleep has put me in an odd irrational mood-swing where I am very mopey and down on myself. I have determined that I would like to be a more considerate and nicer person and am frustrated with myself for not being that way to start with.

So enough about me. How are you?

srah - Monday, 20 October 2003 - 9:39 PM

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gravatar neil diamond - October 21, 2003 - 1:39 AM -

cheer up srah... structuration theory will do that to the best of us.

on a lighter note, i happened to look over at another one of my friends computers, and saw her open an email with a link to none other than! That link is getting around faster than a sorority girl at a frat house... (hmm, possible backlash here from other observing parties... its a clear analogy though...) :-)

[link fixed by srah]

gravatar Stephen - October 21, 2003 - 6:06 AM -

I'm doing OK, but I'm rather tired. I hate having to get up way to early in the morning to make it to school on time. But at least it's now les vacances de Toussaint.
Try to get some sleep, it'll make a world of difference.

gravatar Shaggy - October 21, 2003 - 6:24 AM -

A bit stressed and busy, but of course always finding the time to read Srah Blah Blah. Still in Froggyland, but driving up to Zeebrugge in Belgium tomorrow to get the ferry back home. Yay. Otherwise just organising stuff. Glad I left university stress behind many years ago, though. Chin up, m'dearie, and get some rest.

gravatar richard - October 21, 2003 - 8:15 AM -

I'm still fighting the cold, but I'm not fighting the depression as much, and it's not Monday anymore.

gravatar katie - October 21, 2003 - 9:06 AM -

I'm tired. Had a freaky storm last night and was up late consoling a yeller-bellied doggie.

gravatar srah - October 21, 2003 - 11:22 AM -

Everyone is tired. Sounds like we could use a collective blog-nap. Everyone roll out your sleeping mats...

gravatar Mike - October 21, 2003 - 12:12 PM -

Oh alright I guess. After I finish watching this episode of Daria, I've got to work on a big assignment for Soc 100. Its noon right now but the second I get it done, even if its like 7pm, I'm going to bed. It's been one-a them weeks, ya know?

I'm loaded up on Einstein coffee and ready to go :)

gravatar Cheryl - October 21, 2003 - 12:50 PM -

We've gots to get your circadian rhythms in check!

gravatar katie - October 21, 2003 - 1:13 PM -

Cicada what now?

gravatar EV - October 21, 2003 - 1:33 PM -

I think there's something floating over North America, I think everyone I know is slightly sick and in a dark funk, including myself... let's all go get beers.

gravatar katie - October 21, 2003 - 1:49 PM -

"slightly sick and in a dark funk"

That pretty much sums it up perfectly.

gravatar richard - October 21, 2003 - 2:49 PM -

mmmmm, beer

gravatar Justin - October 21, 2003 - 3:38 PM -

Tired. Getting up at 5 in the morning SUCKS. Like I had to tell you that.

gravatar srah - October 21, 2003 - 4:40 PM -

I ditto the "slightly sick and in a dark funk". It's probably terrorists.

gravatar sheri - October 22, 2003 - 6:06 AM -

I'm in love (with a guy in a band who has a [eeep] kid), and can't wait to finally get some beer this week. And, a bit sniffly as well. Flu shot on Friday though! I'm...looking forward to that.

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