Truth or Dare

This is more of a survey than a meme, I find. Care to answer yourself?

1. Do you have a disclaimer on your blog?

2. If yes, what prompted you to post one?
Haven't got one. And I don't have one... because I don't think anyone would read it anyway.

3. When you go to a new blog or read one that you've visited before, how often are you offended by the content? What do you do when this happens (email the writer privately, comment, ignore it, etc)?
Not very often. I usually ignore it, unless someone says something that's flat-out wrong, in which case I might take a moment to correct them. If they're blogging opinions, though, I leave them alone. This is their space, and if I don't like it, I leave. I am rarely offended by the content of my regular blogs, which is why they are regular blogs. If I'm regularly offended, they'll eventually drop off the blogroll.

4. On the blogs that you read, how much of the content do you think is dramatized?
If by "dramatized", you mean "made-up", I think very little is. I think many of the blogs I read are, however, expressed rather dramatically. That's what makes them fun. Things are presented in a way that makes them stand out from the everyday, even if they are everyday things.

5. Do you dramatize your own posts?
I don't make much up, but I do tend to lean to the creative. I may present things in a different way than others might see them, but I don't think I invent.

6. If you do dramatize your blog posts, why do you do it?
See question #4. I want to be interesting. I want to see my life as something exciting and unusual, and I want other people to do so too. If I get bored with life, what's the point?

7. If you do dramatize your blog posts, do you keep a separate journal (online or off) where you document events and emotions that are more realistic/accurate?
No. My life is odd because I see it that way, or vice versa. I don't think I need a separate journal at this point.

8. Have you ever blogged something that was totally made up but blogged it as though it were real?
Not intending it to be taken seriously. I probably threaten to kill people and claim to explode, but it's all hyperbole.

9. How did your blog come to be?
I had come across several times while doing John Hannah searches, because she mentioned him once. It seemed strange to have your life online. I think I read Annica's next, and since An was doing it, it seemed to make sense. I fiddled around with Blogger (because both of the previously mentioned blogs were done with that service) while I was in Grenoble, but didn't get into it, then it clicked for some reason in the fall of my senior year in college. The time was right, I suppose.

10. Some blogs take on a life of their own that is totally unexpected, would you say this is true with your blog?
Only that i didn't expect to actually get into it and that I don't think I would have imagined it would have the place in my life that it has.

11. Describe, in general, what a blog is as if I had no idea what it was.
A blog. Weblog. It's like an online journal. It's like a journal, but it's online. I write about things that happen to me or things that are going on in my life. Other people sometimes just post links. What's the point? I don't know. Listen, just take a look at a few and maybe you'll get it.

12. Describe, specifically, what your blog is to you.
It's my Pensieve. It's where I put all of my thoughts so that they stop knocking around in my head. I work out a surprising lot through my blog, given the dearth of serious content. In France, it also managed to replace a lot of letters and emails and phone calls and help me keep in touch with the folks back home.

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srah - Thursday, 17 July 2003 - 12:00 AM

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