Plungey plungey plungey

We had a surprise going-away party yesterday for Cheryl, who is off to Kent State in the fall. I am a horrible secret-keeper and kept wanting to blurt it out, so it's really best that we had it as early as we did. As it was, I had trouble not blurting out what her presents were as I handed them to her.

As I recall, I don't think I've ever been involved in a surprise party. Maybe I'm not invited. Maybe my reputation precedes me.

srah - Monday, 21 July 2003 - 11:58 AM

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gravatar Cheryl - July 21, 2003 - 12:52 PM -

By the way, the present Sarah wanted to blurt out the most, if you couldn't tell by the title of the post, was a plunger. She added a face to it and it looks like Beaker from the Muppets. Thanks, Sarah!

gravatar srah - July 21, 2003 - 1:03 PM -

It's from Becky. I just decorated it.

gravatar alfie - July 21, 2003 - 4:57 PM -

Geez, I always do nice things and Srah gets credit for them. I think I shall be driven to doing evil because of this trend. No more Ms. Nice Person. Grrr.

gravatar Cheryl - July 25, 2003 - 11:57 AM -

I knew you got me the plunger. I never said Sarah did. Look, she's gotten me into trouble again!

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