Go Rats!

My high school is the 685th best high school in this great Satan nation of ours.

Cant u tel from it's alumnis?

srah - Friday, 30 May 2003 - 2:06 PM

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gravatar katie - June 2, 2003 - 8:47 AM -

Mine isn't even on there. :(

gravatar alfie - June 2, 2003 - 1:05 PM -

Only 685th? I'm going to die from the shock. Everyone knows that our school district is the most intelligent and wonderful school district in the world. We NEVER have stupid lawsuits that end up causing massive cutbacks in programs. Or maybe we do.

gravatar alfie - June 2, 2003 - 1:07 PM -

Where was PiHi? I'm too lazy to check myself because the internet connection is particularly slow today.

gravatar srah - June 2, 2003 - 1:09 PM -

Somewhere in the 400s, the jerks.

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