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Them monkeys has fleas

In my package (received today, with no customs charges, because Extand is on crack), there was a goodly amount of mail that had come for me since I've been out of the country. Much of this mail was from various universities, as I have apparently become College Search Fodder again. One begins:

Dear GRE Search Service Participant,
We understand that you may be interested in pursuing graduate education in public health...

Why thank you, University of Minnesota, for informing me of this. I may be interested in pursuing graduate education in public health, just as I may decide to move to Burma and train monkeys as pickpockets, living off their loot for the rest of my life. Both are equally likely and tempting.

Keck Graduate Institute is interested in "preparing me for the business of bioscience", based on my "undergraduate degree in biology, engineering, computer science, math, chemistry, physics, premed, or another technical field." I am tempted to apply.

Another of the letters I got was from the University of Michigan's School of Information. Fancy them trying to get me to attend! Fat chance! Anyway, here is my thought: If the U-M has a School of Information, what do they teach in the other schools?


srah - Tuesday, 14 January 2003 - 12:27 PM

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