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No - gollum gollum - I am not bitter

Why does Sarah come to school over three hours before she actually has to teach anything? And more importantly, why didn't she bring anything to read? And even more importantly, why can't she spend all of this free time surfing the Internet?

I have heard a nasty rumor that the administration (including the dastardly Señor Tails) still have Internet access, while the rest of us suffer without. We must try not to believe such rumors, for to do so might make flames shoot out of our ears and singe the nice students sitting nearby. Mustn't hurt nice studentses. But if that mean tricksy syssssstem adminisssstrator has our preciousssss, we wants it, and we just might have to start chewing fingers off to get it.

srah - Tuesday, 21 January 2003 - 3:06 AM
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