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The Srah Identity

As I walked home from the movie last night, I felt super-aware of my surroundings, afraid that CIA agents were going to jump out and grab me or just take sniper shots at me from the roof. Yes, because of course, I am a supersecret spy and the CIA is going to take an interest in me.

What I should be more concerned about is normal criminals, I guess. Vichy, as you may have heard, is full of old people. Old people like to get their rest. So Vichy shuts down in the evenings and goes to sleep. Walking home from the movies, the streets are sometimes deserted - or almost deserted with a few suspicious-looking (everyone looks suspicious in the dark) men wandering around. So I hurried home, watching the rooftops and dark doorways, and had Renata and Rachel call me to make sure they got home alright.

On another supersecret spy note, last night we saw a preview for Sorry, You're Not Supposed to Die Until Tomorrow or whatever the new James Bond flick is. Pierce Brosnan looks really old. It's time for him to be replaced by the lovely Clive Owen.

srah - Thursday, 10 October 2002 - 5:46 AM
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